The level of pain relief may differ from person to person.

Walk'n Roll!

Walkin' and Rockin'

So, what makes Rockin'Feet insoles so different anyway? Wearing Rockin'Feet Insoles is like walking on a sandy beach or soft grassy ground—barefoot—the human foot’s natural environment.  This environment supports the entire foot, reducing pressure and pain on the ball and the heel of the foot and allowing it to heal naturally when injured. Rockin'Feet stops pain and heals without expensive drugs or custom orthotics.

The Liquid Orthotic provides arch support, cushioning, massage and a variable, ever-changing surface for walking, standing and light impact sports. Rockin'Feet insoles are the only patent pending massaging liquid orthotic and are precisely filled with FDA approved based, food-grade glycerin.


Arch Support
The Rockin'Feet arch support is like a hard orthotic but much gentler to the feet.  When Rockin'Feet are worn the low parts of the foot, such as the ball and the heel, force the glycerin into all the high unsupported areas, primarily the arch. This results the entire foot carrying the body’s weight due to natural arch support; not too high or too low.  Pain relief is immediate.  Most foot problems are caused by a lack of proper arch support.

Although Rockin'Feet are no thicker than a quarter, when the pressure inside the insole has equalized, the foot is floated off the shoe a tiny fraction of an inch.  This provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption without making the shoes tight. Cushioning is vital to protecting ankles, knees, hips, and lower back when standing, walking, or running on hard surfaces.

When moving, the alternating heel to toe pressure forces the liquid back and forth, providing a soothing pain relieving massage, significantly increasing circulation to the feet.  Improved circulation promotes quicker healing of existing injury from ailments like plantar fasciitis, and others.

Additional Benefits
The absorbent cloth layers are a moisture barrier keeping feet cool and comfortable. Rockin'Feet are treated with an anti-microbial to resist odor and mildew. They are machine washable.

The glycerin acts as an insulator for cool feet in the summer and warm feet in the winter.

​No thicker than a quarter, our insoles can be worn every day with any shoe, including boots, flip flops, or regular sandals.
Rockin'Feet Insoles will last significantly longer than any other insole on the market and have a one year unconditional “no hassle” replacement warranty that we gladly stand by.

Rockin'Feet is patent pending as a fluid-filled orthotic. A full name for Rockin'Feet is a Massaging Liquid Orthotic Insole. We say this because Rockin’Feet gives you the best of both worlds, being both a fluid-filled orthotic AND a real massaging insole.

As a fluid-filled orthotic, Rockin'Feet™ works with your body weight and natural gait cycle to fill in and support your arches as your foot changes shape during your step. Traditional hard plastic orthotics are static and your arch must adapt to the orthotics. This can be very uncomfortable.  On the other hand, Rockin'Feet adapt to your foot’s shape as you walk and are extremely comfortable.
The pressure hard orthotics exert on the feet can impede circulation to your foot. Rockin'Feet naturally fills in your arch as it changes shape and, by massaging as you walk, Rockin'Feet increases circulation to the feet.  Increased circulation reduces fatigue and helps heal any injured tissue faster.

In our experience about ten percent of our customers already wear hard orthotics. If you wear prescription orthotics we recommend you continue to wear those and place Rockin'Feet on top of your orthotics. Rockin'Feet work excellent in conjunction with your orthotics. Rockin'Feet will support your arches as they change shape and you still get the extra lift from your hard orthotic.
The second benefit of wearing Rockin’Feet on top of your orthotic is that you receive excellent cushioning. Many people purchase orthotics and try to get used to them for a couple of weeks.  Many people eventually give up because of the pain caused by hard orthotics pressing into the arch.  Though Rockin'Feet are very thin, the liquid glycerin inside is eight times the viscosity of water. This dense liquid provides superior cushioning on top of your orthotic.
Finally, when worn over traditional orthotics, Rockin'Feet’s massaging action will increase circulation. When an area is massaged, it increases circulation and stimulates the nerve endings. Just by walking Rockin'Feet must work!

Rockin'Feet are also TRUE massaging insoles. Anyone who has tried a ‘massaging gel insole’ from a retail store will find that they may cushion but they must be thick to adequately cushion.  “Gel” insoles do not actually massage your feet. They imply that their ‘gel’ moves to massage but if you any of the gel insoles open you will see they are actually silicone rubber. A TRUE massaging insole has liquid inside to actually move and massage your feet.  Rockin'Feet is filled with liquid glycerin and REALLY DOES MASSAGE YOUR FEET!  If you haven't tried them, now is your chance!


Rockin' Feet and Rollin' Soles for ALL!

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